Why thrifting is great:

First and foremost, you get the ability to have unique pieces of clothing. The second obvious reason is that it is VERY cheap. The list on the positives of thrifting honestly goes on. It is great to upcycle pieces and help out the enviroment in a world where fast fashion is taking over. It is also super fun to hunt for clothes that you never even knew would be in a thrift store. I've seen high end pieces go for mere dollars, so you can get really great steals!

How to thrift:

For some people, thrifting can seem very overwhelming. I have a couple of starter tips:

You can search YouTube for "thrifting haul" videos and find hundreds of results for inspo. Some of my personal favorite YouTube thrifters are Sarah Dunk and Haley's Corner. The next tip means that you should research before you go. Some thrift stores sell clothes by pound, some have designated sale days for certain color price tags, etc. Every thrift store has a different restocking day, which means you should try going different days of the week to see when you seem to find more things you love. Switching out the store that you are visting, can help change things up as well. My last tip is that no matter what, you can usually find gold in the men's t-shirt section.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year:

My favorite time of the year to thrift is the winter! There are hundreds of sweaters, sweatshirts, coats, hoodies, etc. to look through. When it's cold you can't go wrong with anything thats oversized to stay warm. I made a thrifting video last winter and we found so many "ugly" Christmas sweaters for your "ugly" Christmas party needs!