Innovative storytelling through photo, video, and sound design.

Let's go

A project based in a beautiful location that embodies a cinematic style for storytelling through different multimedia techniques.


Cibolo Nature Center & Farm

Located in ' Boerne, Texas, it is home to 100 acres of Hill Country trails and wilderness. Cibolo Creek is one of the treasures found here that starts from the springs in the outskirts of the city. The nature center has about 3 miles of different trails.

There are four ecosystems at the nature center. When you first arrive, you will see the live oak savannah that is a woodland. After passing the trail head, you will be greeted by tall grass prairie that stretches high and as tall as a human. Further along the trail is the riparian forest, which is absolutely breathtaking. The trees canopy over each other to create a magical scene. You can also walk the boardwalk along the spring-fed marsh which is surrouned by many dragonflies.


During their shoot, I managed to get some candid and posed photographs. I wanted to continue with that cinematic style and add a vintage element. These images were edited in Lightroom to create a light and airy feel. The images of Avery with the leaf give you a peak into her curious and young soul.

The rule of thirds makes a photo so much more pleasant to look at. I really tried to keep this in mind while shooting, but the magic of editing is that you can frame to your liking afterward.

Avery Leaf
Amber and Avery

Sound Design

For Brianna’s film, I used the same cinematic style with a focus on sound design.

Sound design is another way to enhance the cinematic effect of a video. Elements to consider are atmospherical sounds, music, and dialogue. These all tie in together to truly create a scene and draw emotion. There are different techniques for this, and I used a balance of foley and location sounds. Foley sounds are created outside of the scene with special equipment and editing. Location sounds are, of course, sound recorded on location. During the shooting phase, try to get as many locations sounds as you can. It helps to think of what your video is going to sound like in the post-production. The key to sound designing is to edit the video first, and then go map and rewatch to map out what sounds you want. After this, you can start layering them on top of one another. This creates more of a realistic feel to your sound.

Sound design can guide an audience into what they should be feeling. I was going for a blissful and peaceful feeling in the visual editing of this to match the scenery. The audio elements in this story have that same feeling and I wanted to make sure that they complimented each other. In this video, I layered wind sounds and leaf crunching. I opened with a monologue and faded into the music. During the transitions where it seems like the footage is going forward, I added “whoosh” noises to match that. There are also more subtle noises that blend into the music that makes it sound more alluring than it would have without them.

I learned that sound design truly takes trial and error to see what will layer well. Some sounds just may just be too distracting on top of each other. Video is fully a visual medium and sound design should be there to serve and enhance not take away. This technique has been used in many of my favorite cinematic videos because of that added element. It is a creative art form and when used correctly, it can create magical scenes. Like I said the goal is to feel something, and sound design does just that.

Brianna Tall Prairie
Brianna with Leaf
Image Styling

Incorporating things like depth of field, various angles and close-up shots, can help create a photo story. Attention to little details and using props like the leaf add more to your photos. I like taking photos of the same scene from at least 3 different angles.

I like to get a mixture of symmetrical landscape shots as well as non-symmetrical. Together, all of these images balance each other out. Pose-styling is another thing that can help you achieve a different feel to your images. The "laying" pose she is doing adds a dramatic feel.

Brianna Tree
Brianna sitting
Brianna Clouds
Brianna Laying