I have created other content for classes and for leisure. This typography poster was created in InDesign and is a quote by Taylor Swift. For this project, I kept in mind typography wallpapers that I have saved. I wanted the font to correlate with the playful nature of the song, so I chose retro fonts. I also love sunsets and the color yellow so that is how I chose the background for it.

I got pushed out of my comfort zone in my Digital and Online Media class when we were tasked to create and edit a video involving an interview. I had to do research and come up with interview questions so that the answers would create a story. I chose to create mine about Flower Vault, a family owned company who design and make Instagrammable walls. This project was super fun, and it was made around Christmas time so they had holiday themed walls.

I have also created a thrifting blog in the past and learned that it helped hone my writing skills. During the semester that I was working on it, I learned how to promote my own content. The most important takeaway was that first impressions of content really does matter. I created little graphic "thumbnails" for each post in order to attract people to open up the actual blog. This is an example: